Re: This is My Illinois

    Furthermore, public employees ARE taxpayers, you troll.
    You'd prefer teachers work for nothing.

    Do you feel that way about police and fire? I bet not, but
    mostly men do those jobs.

    On 11/29/12, anon wrote:
    > Teachers don't get "free" retirement, you
    > troll. Have you ever heard of
    > "deferred compensation"? Look it up and then
    > try to write intelligently about pensions. Private
    > companies that still have defined benefit pensions and
    > not these junk 401(k)s have the same thing. You work x
    > number of years and then this is the benefit you get
    > each month.
    > This is what public employee pensions are--deferred
    > compensation. If you didn't have them, these pension
    > amounts would be added to their salaries.
    > But of course you can't argue the point because you
    > don't know what you are talking about.
    > You are a total liar.
    > On 11/29/12, Merrill wrote:
    >> On 11/29/12, therealsped wrote:
    >>> On 11/27/12, Merrill wrote:
    >>>> No, you are wrong. You haven't done any research
    >>>> on this and you are talking out your backside as
    >>>> usual.
    >>> Except troll that I'm an educator who has worked
    >>> for four Illinois districts and have contributed to
    >>> my retirement in three of those four districts. You
    >>> are an internet troll looking to start arguments by
    >>> coming on a teachers' website bashing teacher pay
    >>> and retirement as excessive. I've lived it, and
    >>> you've heard/read about stuff... but only enough to
    >>> prove what you want to believe.
    >> The issue here is that the teacher's unions,
    >> teachers, and the TRS have outright lied to the
    >> public about the pension system: they collectively
    >> asserted countless times that "teacher's pay
    >> their portion of the 9.4% every year." Nonsense,
    >> the teachers have NOT paid their share, which by law
    >> they are supposed to be paying. It took a watchdog
    >> group to pull public records to figure out what was
    >> really going on. Even you came back and made up some
    >> bogus statistic about 52% in another attempt to
    >> deceive the public, until I presented you with
    >> evidence that the number is over 75%. So when the big
    >> lie fails, you resort to little lies.
    >> You say you have paid into your pension in three out
    >> of four districts? What about the fourth? Is Mandy
    >> down at Walmart picking up your pension now? Must be
    >> nice getting free retirement.
    >>>> Do you think it is right for someone working at
    >>>> WalMart to pay some teacher's pension, when that
    >>>> teacher is making 90k+ a year?
    >>> I think people who work at Walmart should organize
    >>> into a union. Nationally, they would be one of the
    >>> largest ever formed. They should then strike,
    >>> forming picket lines in front of every Walmart
    >>> store, shutting the company down. This vile company
    >>> would then have to negotiate with their employees
    >>> for decent wages and benefits, including retirement
    >>> benefits. Then, when you say "someone working
    >>> at WalMart," it wouldn't instantly mean
    >>> someone hopelessly poor.
    >>> Your goal is to make everyone like Walmart
    >>> employees. Anyone who works for a living should
    >>> apparently be poor. Working for mere scraps off the
    >>> table of the rich. You clearly have a problem with
    >>> teachers making money. You think they should be
    >>> paid minimal wages and benefits, much like Walmart
    >>> employees. Ultimately, I suspect this is because
    >>> you do not value education and what they do.
    >> Spare me the class warfare bs. Illinois teachers are
    >> some of the best paid in the country, and many earn
    >> more than professionals in other industries. Look at
    >> the salary schedule for one district
    >> urce=5280
    >> God! Those are poverty wages!
    >> Sure, the CPS pays less, but still pays a decent wage.
    >> I'm sure you cry all the way to WalMart in your
    >> Lexus. I like how the VP of the teacher's union shows
    >> up at hard-core Marxist rallies, along with hundreds
    >> of teachers, in order to denounce the rich, threaten
    >> the government, and to call for revolution
    >> /11/northwestern-u-
    > marxism-conference-packed-with-teachers.html
    >> How can we expect these people to even be remotely
    >> objective or fair in the classroom? Radicals don't
    >> make good teachers.
    >>>> Democrats whine about evil CEOs and their fat
    >>>> paychecks: at least these CEO's are not using
    >>>> backroom, corrupt bargains to steal from me
    >>>> directly! I am not forced to pay for Bill Gates'
    >>>> retirement!
    >>> Democrats... put out this video, but they're the
    >>> bad guys in your other troll adventures, I'm sure.
    >>> You view teachers' wages and benefits as stealing.
    >>> You can't be reasoned with. Any anti-teacher troll
    >>> who comes to a teacher website to bash teachers
    >>> can't be reasoned with. Because teachers bargain
    >>> collectively, using something similar to economies
    >>> of scale used by Walmart to negotiate with
    >>> suppliers, you view them as corrupt. In fact, it is
    >>> simply a case of individuals realizing that they
    >>> can get a better deal when they stick together and
    >>> bargain together, instead of playing individuals
    >>> against one-another to exploit them, as you
    >>> suggest.
    >>>> As I said before, Illinois law stipulates that a
    >>>> teacher must contribute to his or her own
    >>>> retirement, and provides for an employer portion.
    >>> Fine, every district that has negotiated trs pickup
    >>> can simply give teachers a 9.4% raise and then
    >>> deduct it from their checks. It works out the same.
    >>> It is negotiated compensation. Of course, you don't
    >>> believe that teachers should be paid, so there is
    >>> no reasoning with you.
    >>>> People working at Starbucks shouldn't be paying
    >>>> for teacher's retirement.
    >>> They aren't. You still don't realize that you pay
    >>> taxes. That ceases to be your money. The state (or
    >>> other level of government) now controls that money.
    >>> It is theirs. I know you don't like it, but oh
    >>> well. Just as when your employer pays you, that
    >>> money is no longer the employer's. It is yours. As
    >>> an employer, the state and school districts in
    >>> question must do nasty things like pay their
    >>> employees. They even have to pay them above
    >>> subsistence wages to get them to show up for work.
    >>> I know you don't like it. You think these people
    >>> should work for free, in chains, but it is not the
    >>> case. Sorry troll.
    >> No, it is not a "negotiated compensation"
    >> in the sense that the taxpayers had any input, or
    >> even KNOWLEDGE OF what was going on. It was a
    >> backroom deal that was partially responsible for
    >> bankrupting the pension system.
    >> Well guess what? There is no more money.
    >> Maybe you should start contributing to your own damn
    >> retirement and stop insisting that people working at
    >> the local WalMart pay for it. Parasite.