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i am planning to move to Kansas. What does it takes to
be a HQT teacher in kansas?
lu /blockquote>

I wish I could tell you...but this is still new to us...I
anticipate we'll receive more info about it in our back to
school in-services. For now, I think you could find info on
the Ks St Bd of Ed site....ksde..or KNEA...knea.org
PS...jobs are pretty hard to find...do you have any leads?
What part of ...See More
Jul 9, 2003
lu /blockquote>

I did a bit of checking...actually the site you want is
ksbe.state.ks.us......and then the "Teacher Education and
Licensure" section has info on "HQ Survey Info" I think you
might find the website informative...it also tells about
licensure requirements and has available jobs listed.
Good Luck!
Jul 9, 2003

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