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Our K-6 students (approx. 100) have lunch at the same
time. We have only one paid lunch supervisor. The noise
level often becomes too high and then the children lose
time off their noon recess. This isn't working, plus we
think children need their recess. Any ideas on how to keep
the noise level reasonable?
dawndenise@kcnet.com /blockquote>

I think the lunchroom is a problem at every school. At my
school the students are only allowed to talk during the 10-15
minutes while eating their meal. They are not supposed to
talk while getting or throwing away their food. Also, our
principal supervises our lunchroom which helps
tremendously. And inst...See More
Mar 21, 2005
WOW /blockquote>

Can you imagine only being allowed to talk for 1/2 your break.
Of course kids are noisy they are kids. And there a lot of them
together. A room of talking adults with that many would not be
quiet. Glas I am not at your school. Seems like somebody has
some control issues to work on.

On 3/21/05, [emai...See More
Mar 27, 2005

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