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I'm still looking. =)
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icats /blockquote>

I teach in Shawnee Mission and just looked and they have several
jobs posted. Go to smsd.org and click on employment.
Aug 4, 2004
Daisy /blockquote>

Thank you both, Ginny and icats! I check all three of those sites
daily, and unfortunately, I am still having a hard time getting an
interview. The jobs are posted for a few days and then they're
taken - it seems as if they already know who they're going to hire
before they post an open position.

I...See More
Aug 8, 2004
icats /blockquote>

If you don't get a job and you are planning on subbing, make sure to
request long term jobs. In my buiding, we have four teachers who
started out as long term subs and then took over that position. Keep
us updated!
Aug 9, 2004
Ginny /blockquote>

And they have committees interviewing on a regular basis. I'm sure
that sometimes they may have an individual in mind, but some of the
time that is not true. It is being in the right place at the right
time with the best qualifications--and giving a good show at an

Hope it works out for ...See More
Aug 10, 2004
Daisy /blockquote>

Thanks again icats and Ginny! I am actually thinking of taking a para
position if I can't find a teaching one. I thought it might be nice to
be in the same school everyday and build connections and with subbing,
there is no guarantee that I'll get assigned something long-term. But,
I guess I might consider i...See More
Aug 10, 2004

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