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This is a "repeat" of a very successful project. I will be
teaching three sections of Classroom Structure/Behavior
Management at a small college in the fall semester and I am
looking for primary grade classroom teachers who are
willing to participate in an "e" project for the semester,
becoming an e-pal with one of my pre-service teachers,
discussing classroom management
strategies/philosophies/approaches that work/have not
worked in your classroom -- all input that could help my
students in the development of a beginning classroom
management philosophy. This would involve between 4-6 e-
mail responses to my students about classroom management
(from approximately mid to late September to early
November). At the end of the project, I would also like to
know if this experience has been useful to you (reflective,
I have a student who is interested in relocating to either
Wichita or...See More

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