Re: Teacher threatened my daughter

    In response to your comment, the following week, my daughter
    returned to the classroom. Unknown to the teacher, the
    principal and counselor sat outside the classroom with my
    husband and I. Throughout the course of the morning, the
    teacher made several verbal threats to my daughter that were
    clearly heard in the hallway. My daughter was removed from
    the classroom and placed in another class. The teacher was
    suspended for one week prior to a hearing before the school
    board. At that meeting, I discovered that this was not the
    first time that she had treated a student this way and had
    actually had charges filed against her by another parent for
    grabbing their student by the jaw to force them to look up at
    her. She left marks that were evidenced by police
    photographs. To date, the teacher has been fired, is facing
    criminal charges and will never teach in my city again. To
    tell me that I am in denial when such overwhelming evidence
    has been proven against this teacher shows that you are the
    one in denial. I too, would like to believe that such things
    do not take place when we trustingly place our children on the
    bus in the mornings. I took it for granted that she would be
    safe.On 12/16/05, from georgia wrote:
    > amanda, your are in denial.your daughter should follow
    > direction.