Re: Teacher threatened my daughter
Mr. Chandler

    I am so glad that you have gotten this taken care of! I am
    an elementary education major from CO and would NEVER treat
    a child this way. This woman is truly in the wrong

    On 10/21/05, Amanda wrote:
    > Thursday was the 1st grade music program. My mom went and
    > dropped my daughter off in the classroom and was suprised
    > when the teacher called my daughter by the wrong name.
    > She has done this before and has even sent notes home with
    > the wrong name on it. My mom also noticed that her desk
    > was at the front of the classroom, facing and against the
    > wall underneath the whiteboard. There is no way for my
    > daughter to even see the board from this location. After
    > the performance, my sister, daughter and I went to the
    > class to see for ourselves. I asked my daughter why her
    > desk was against the wall. She said 'that teacher got mad
    > because my pencil box kept falling out of my desk.' I
    > went and looked at her desk and as soon as I moved the
    > chair the box fell out again. There were so many books in
    > there that there was no room for the box. I cleaned out
    > the desk and fit everything back inside. My daughter then
    > decided to go to the bathroom. After a few minutes, the
    > teacher walks in. I am assuming it was the teacher
    > because I had never met her and she neither introduced
    > herself or asked my identity. When I asked why the desk
    > was in the front of the room, she said 'I could have
    > strung that kid up today.' She then went on an spoke
    > about all the problem she had with my daughter that day
    > and wanted to know if I had ever considered treating her
    > for ADD. She then went on and told me that she had the
    > last straw when my daughter dropped her pencil for the
    > third time that day and got angry and moved her to the
    > front. She said, 'I must have scared her because she
    > started to behave.' I was so offended by her comments
    > that I could not hold a conversation. The next morning, I
    > spoke to the school counselor about my concerns and she
    > said that she would talk to the teacher. After talking to
    > people at work, who happen to be psycologists, they
    > insisted that I call the prinicpal immediately and tell
    > her. After leaving a message two hours earlier, the
    > principal calls back. She listens to my complaints and
    > asks me what I want done about it. I tell her that I want
    > it to stop and that no student should ever have a teacher
    > talk about them that way. I told her that I wanted to
    > bring it to her attention so in case this happens again, I
    > will take this matter as far as it needs to go. My dad
    > then decides to go and observe the class at the end of the
    > day, figuring that if a child is going to misbehave Friday
    > afternoon would probably be a good time to witness it. He
    > stood outside in the hall listening to the conversations
    > while the teacher made the students clean their desks. He
    > peeked around the corner and saw that my daughter had
    > already cleaned her desk and was sitting quietly with a
    > look on her face that broke his heart. She looked as
    > though all she wanted was for someone to pay attention to
    > her and notice that she was done already. No one said a
    > word, since she was still at the front of the classroom.
    > The principal told my dad that is was at MY request that
    > she be moved to the front of the room. So, now the
    > teacher and/or the principal is lying and I just don't
    > know what to do! Please help me, am I overreacting, or do
    > I need to react more. What should I do? Conversations
    > with the school just don't seem to help.