Re: No Child Left Behind - Questions
Jason Peck

    I think schools should be accountable, and I think that there
    should be "no child left behind". However, I don't believe they
    should be accountable to the federal government. Instead, they
    should be accountable to the parents and the local school
    board, as explicitly stated in the 10th Amendment (I know, I'm
    repeating myself... from the department of redundancy
    department LOL). I don't think the federal government (in conjunction with the
    state government, but only because we're being forced to
    cooperate) should be allowed to set 'one size fits all'
    standards when it comes to our kids.

    These standards have caused numerous problems in my opinion. My
    sister is a teacher and regularly complains about the NCLB and
    its effect on her ability to teach. For example, she has
    migrant Mexican workers' kids that drop in for part of the
    school year, can't read English, but yet that is held against
    her when the test scores drop. As a result, she often spends
    most of her time trying to teach kids to pass the test and
    neglects other subjects. If she doesn't, her school is put on
    notice, and she could lose her job, not because parents are
    upset, not because kids aren't being taught, not because kids
    are being left behind, but because of beaurocrats thousands of
    miles away trying to micromanage her classroom.

    That is my opinion (and hers) but I'm not a teacher and she's
    just one person. Any thoughts you have are welcomed. I will be
    speaking with 2 principals in my area this week and as many
    teachers as I can from now through November.


    On 5/08/06, AM wrote:
    > Well Jason, not all of us think it is all bad. I would like
    > to ask what you plan to do to help ALL children and
    > especially the "pushouts".
    > On 5/08/06, Jason Peck wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> I am running for Kansas House of Representatives, 24th
    >> district (Northeast Johnson County). As part of my
    >> campaign, I will be pushing for Kansas to opt out of the
    >> Federal No Child Left Behind program.
    >> I personally feel this is a violation of our rights under
    >> the 10th amendment, and constitutes and unfunded and
    >> unrealistic mandate by our Federal Government that is
    >> unnecessarily stressing our teachers.
    >> I need any thoughts, complaints, observations, ideas, etc.
    >> that any of you may have regarding this. Based on what I've
    >> heard from teachers so far, I gather this is an unpopular
    >> program, but I need as much feedback as I can get pro or
    >> con.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Jason Peck