Re: No Child Left Behind - Questions
Mr. Chandler

    Hello all, While I am not at present a Kansas teacher (I am studying
    for my elementary credential in CO), I feel that I should
    respond. I very much agree with the basic premise of NCLB. I
    believe that, for all of the negative things, it does help
    us to not simply "pass people through". Now, before everyone
    gets all angry and upset and starts writing ugly posts, I do
    have a HUGE problem with how the law is set up. Seriously,
    not all children are good test-takers. Also, a lot of the
    special needs or ESL children have to take the EXACT SAME
    TEST. There needs to be more allowances for these students
    with special needs.

    On 5/08/06, Jason Peck wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I am running for Kansas House of Representatives, 24th
    > district (Northeast Johnson County). As part of my
    > campaign, I will be pushing for Kansas to opt out of the
    > Federal No Child Left Behind program.
    > I personally feel this is a violation of our rights under
    > the 10th amendment, and constitutes and unfunded and
    > unrealistic mandate by our Federal Government that is
    > unnecessarily stressing our teachers.
    > I need any thoughts, complaints, observations, ideas, etc.
    > that any of you may have regarding this. Based on what
    > heard from teachers so far, I gather this is an unpopular
    > program, but I need as much feedback as I can get pro or
    > con.
    > Thanks,
    > Jason Peck