Kansas Needed for Post Card Exchange- FREE LABELS
Danielle Mitchell

    We currently need Kansas
    FREE LABELS!!!!!!

    Each teacher will be responsible for sending a postcard to
    each of the other states. Please include information about
    your state such as state symbols and interesting facts.
    In return, you will receive a postcard back from each of
    states involved. Address labels will be provided to you if
    you want. Also, a list of names, addresses, and school
    websites will be e-mailed to you. I would like to send
    address labels by the MIDDLE of October. Deadline for
    mailing out postcards will be sometime in November.

    If you are interested in participating in this exchange,
    please email me personally with the following info.
    our email addresses: or
    Please make the subject line of your email read "POSTCARD
    EXCHANGE/ (your state abbreviation)".

    Information to include in your email:

    Grade you teach

    E-mail address

    Name you would like on mailing label (Ms. Smith's Second

    Name of School

    School Address

    School or class website address