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Oh my gosh, is there life in Kansas this summer ? lol

How are things progressing on the the Greensburg rebuilding? How are the flood victions in SE Kansas doing? Has water receeded or are they/you still waiting? Are FEMA/other relief efforts coming through?

I'm in Atchison and we just had a wonderful (11th annual) Ameila Earhart Festival this weekend. Weather was wonderful (cool) and thousands of people enjoyed all the weekend activities culminating with Paul Austin's amazing fireworks over the Missouri River choreographed to music ! Just amazing....even my 2 year old grandson sat like he was mesmorized for the entire 30 minute show......first time he sat down all day, I think ...lol! Two (female, of course) aerobatic pilots did amazing stunts over the river, all within just feet of the home Amelia was born in. Pretty amazing stuff....Amelia was such a pioneer for women's rights !

So, someone else interested in telling us what else is going on in Kansas?

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