Kansas K-12 Teacher/Student Search Engine- I need your Help!
Wayne Campbell

    Please forward this to all the Kansas educators that you
    know.. Hello All,

    I would like to invite you all to participate in a project
    (the Kansas K-12 Teacher - Student Search Engine) that I
    have been working on in my spare time. Here are the

    This search engine is for Kansas educators and students.
    It's purpose is to create a safe search engine that
    provides relevant search results for Kansas teachers and
    students. This search engine only contains sites
    submitted by our contributors and our contributors are
    comprised only of Kansas K-12 Teachers, Administrators and
    the occasional Tech Guy (like me). By using this search
    engine you receive only HIGH QUALITY search results, and
    not a bunch of junk that needs to be sifted through. Have
    you ever had a student use a unreliable source from a web
    page that they found online? I hear about this all the
    time and it is just one of the reasons I started this
    project. The Kansas K-12 Teacher - Student Search Engine
    provides search results from several thousand educational,
    school district and Kansas specific web sites and it is
    growing more every day!

    Please consider contributing to this project. It's easy to
    do.. Just go HERE - and click on
    the "Volunteer to Contribute" link, sign in or make a new
    Google account, and follow the directions. I will have to
    approve you before you can submit any sites, so to make my
    life easier, please only use your school e-mail address.
    That way I can verify you are not a spammer.

    If you contribute to this project, please only add sites
    that have a valid educational or professional development
    use. Please also submit sites that are specifically
    relevant to education in Kansas. KSDE.ORG is a good
    example, but specific USD web sites are acceptable as well.

    So, I am contacting you because I need your help in 3
    ways. First and formost, I need teachers to contribute to
    the project, by submitting high quality educational sites
    to the search engine. If nothing else, It would be
    helpful if you submitted the sites that you yourself or
    your students use in your classroom. Any site that
    teachers, administrators, students use in their everyday
    educational life should be submitted. Everything from
    Professional Development sites to sites that teach the
    ABC's are acceptable.

    Second, It would be helpful, if you would forward this e-
    mail to teachers that you know in other school districts
    in Kansas. The more people that participate the more
    valuable this Search Engine becomes..

    Third, USE IT! The Kansas K-12 Teacher - Student Search
    Engine has not been around that long, but it already
    contains several thousand educational websites. The more
    we use it and the more you contribute to it, the better
    and more relevant it will become!

    Thank you,

    Wayne Campbell

    (about me: I am the network admin for USD 447 and all
    around tech guy. This project is just too big to try to
    accomplish for my school alone, so I decided to make it a
    personal project for all Kansas K-12 teachers and
    students. I hope you find it worth while!)

Kansas K-12 Teacher - Student Search Engine