Re: Shawnee Mission School system

    On 12/12/07, Dale wrote:
    > I have just applied for an ESL teaching position with the
    > Shawnee Mission Schools, anyone familiar with them?
    > Advice, suggestions, pro or con?
    > Thanks, Dale
    I am very familiar with the Shawnee Mission Schools. I
    have taught for a few years and grew up in the district. It
    is a solid district, but is down sizing some and there will
    be a ton of people retiring in the next few years. It is
    the 2nd highest paying district in Kansas just behind
    Wichita, but they reward you greatly once you have your
    Master's Degree. So if you don't have it you need to get
    it. The top district in Kansas right now is Olathe. You
    might check it out too along with Blue Valley and Desoto.