Re: moving to leavenworth kansas

    Thanks for responding! You stated that you work in KCK. How
    far is that commute? I hate driving with a passion! Also, what
    is the name of the school district in KCK? Thanks so much for
    responding. I am having a hard time making the decision to
    move. My husband will only be there for a year. But he is in
    Kuwait now and I haven't seen him in year so that makes it even
    harder. But to start a job for one year only to have to start
    over again the next year is a bit much.On 5/29/08, msteach wrote:
    > Hi Veronica,
    > I live in Leavenworth, but I teach in Kansas City, KS. You
    > would be on step two of the pay scale and would make around
    > 40000 in the public schools, and 35000 in the private
    > I do not know what the salaries are like in Leavenworth or
    > Lansing as I have always worked in KCK. I would imagine that
    > Fort Leavenworth salaries would be slightly higher, but that
    > just my hunch, I definitely could be wrong. You have many
    > choices of districts around here. Good luck with your move.
    > If you'd like, email me when you get to Leavenworth. I'd be
    > happy to help you out in anyway I can.
    > Lori
    > On 5/15/08, arpa wrote:
    >> On 5/14/08, veronica wrote:
    >>> I will be moving to leavenworth Kansas in July.
    >>> what is the teacher salary like there? I am currently
    >>> making 43,500 as a second year teacher and I fear that the
    >>> pay will be less. What school districts are close and
    >>> what is it like being a teacher in Kansas. I am currently
    >>> an elementary LIfe Skills teacher and I Love My Job!
    >> You would get credit for 2 years in teaching on the salary
    >> schedule I would imagine. And I would guess the salary will be
    >> lower but so will the cost of living. Have you contacted the
    >> state department of education to begin licensing process?