Re: The Ks license tests are so hard to pass

    I took the praxis and PLT exams in May of 2007. I didn't think they were
    hard at all. I graduated from Pittsburg State in May of 07 and there is a
    big push for the university to have a low fail rate on these exams. I
    don't think I know anyone who has taken either the Praxis or PLT and had
    to take either test, let alone both, more than twice. Most everyone passes
    it the first time. The Praxis is the content knowledge, the basic concepts
    and fundamentals of teaching, the PLT is application based where you
    assess a case study and respond as to how the teacher should proceed with
    instruction, parent/professional relationships, aligning to standards,
    ethics etc... I'll be taking the Praxis II in March to extend my licensure
    to include special education. (My master's degree will be complete in May
    09) I am not concerned about taking the tests nor do I have any doubts
    that I will perform as I typically have in the past.

    As for being licensed in Kansas with a current certificate from NY. I have
    no idea! I would take the advice to check the KSDE site. I know a teacher who moved here from Ohio, Cinncinati
    area, and is having to continue her education with a master's in special
    ed. in order to teach in the position in which she was hired. If I
    understand correctly what is acceptable in Ohio isn't supported by Kansas.
    So it is best to check into the licensing requirements.

    On 9/15/08, Jamie Spruk wrote:
    > On 8/27/08, kara wrote:
    >> On 8/23/08, moving to Kansas wrote:
    >>> Is this a Praxis II Test? I've taught for 16.5 years and will be
    >>> moving to the Topeka, Kansas area during the summer of 2009. I'm
    >>> so tired of taking a different test for every state that my
    >>> husband has been relocated to!!! I guess I'd better get started
    >>> now!
    >>> Thanks, in advance, for any help/suggestions you can give me.
    >>> On 5/31/08, KS wrote:
    >>>> I graduated from ESU May 07 and have been trying to pass the
    >>>> elementary education instruction, assessment test that is a
    >>>> graduation requirement as well as license requirement for the
    >>>> state of Kansas. I do not know if you would have to take it to
    >>>> renew your license. But as a new teacher it is required to
    >>>> teach as well the the PLT which is the written test that has
    >>>> to also be passed. They have a score requirement of a 163 and
    >>>> I just found out that my fifty try on the elem. ed
    >>>> instruction, assessment test I was off by seven points for the
    >>>> third time. It SUCKS!
    >>>> On 5/31/08, LD wrote:
    >>>>> I fear that I feel that I am totally out of the loop on this
    >>>>> one. I am currently a stay at home mom, but have kept my
    >>>>> teaching license. I haven't taught in a classroom for almost
    >>>>> 7 years. Are you currently a practicing teacher or is this
    >>>> a
    >>>>> new test for licensure?
    >>>>> Sorry if I sound ignorant.
    >>>>> Thanks,
    >>>>> LD
    >>>>> PS...I graduated from ESU, too. It's a great program!
    >>>>> On 5/24/08, Ks wrote:
    >>>>>> I have taken the the elementary education curriculum test
    >>>>>> for the fifth time now. I believe this test is pointless.
    >>>>>> I passed the PLT the first time and think it is more
    >>>>>> important because it gives you the situations of teaching
    >>>>>> and since it is a written test, it shows your real
    >>>>>> knowledge. Is there anyone else who is having a hard time
    >>>>>> passing this test? I am a graduate of ESU and proud to say
    >>>>>> I have passed on of the hardest programs for becoming an
    >>>>>> elementary teacher. That is what ESU is know for.
    >>>>>> Thanks,
    >>>>>>Hello, i read your post and I had a question. I live in NYC and I
    >> intend on moving to Olathe Kansas next year. I took all 3 of the NYS
    >> teacher certificaion exams. Do you think these will transfer to
    >> Kansas. Im 40 years old and have not been in school in years. I would
    >> hate to have to take more tests. I am so tired of the NYCBOE. I was
    >> born in kansas and have always wanted to move back.
    > Hi, I am a senior college student majoring in secondary education
    > history. The tests all depend on what your state requires for you to
    > get a teaching license. So if NY and KS require the same tests, then
    > you should not have to take any more. I'm not sure about if you already
    > have a license. I don't know though, what you are going to be teaching,
    > elementary or secondary. To find out whether or not your tests will
    > transfer to Kansas, you should try going to When
    > you get to this page, you will see a heading that says 'Tests'. click
    > on praxis. On the next page, you will see a box which says State
    > Testing Requirements. Click on the state you wish to see and it will
    > explain what tests are needed to teach and obtain a license in that
    > state. I hope that this helps.