Re: The Ks license tests are so hard to pass

    I fear that I feel that I am totally out of the loop on this
    one. I am currently a stay at home mom, but have kept my
    teaching license. I haven't taught in a classroom for almost
    7 years. Are you currently a practicing teacher or is this a
    new test for licensure?
    Sorry if I sound ignorant.
    PS...I graduated from ESU, too. It's a great program!On 5/24/08, Ks wrote:
    > I have taken the the elementary education curriculum test
    > for the fifth time now. I believe this test is pointless.
    > I passed the PLT the first time and think it is more
    > important because it gives you the situations of teaching
    > and since it is a written test, it shows your real
    > knowledge. Is there anyone else who is having a hard time
    > passing this test? I am a graduate of ESU and proud to say
    > I have passed on of the hardest programs for becoming an
    > elementary teacher. That is what ESU is know for.
    > Thanks,
    > KS