Re: The Ks license tests are so hard to pass

    I graduated from Pittsburg State as well! Go-rillas! I am about to take my
    PLT test in about 10 hours...I've been trying to prepare for it tonight, and
    am pretty nervous about it. Hopefully I won't fail!

    On 1/03/09, Jai wrote:
    > I took the praxis and PLT exams in May of 2007. I didn't think they were
    > hard at all. I graduated from Pittsburg State in May of 07 and there is a
    > big push for the university to have a low fail rate on these exams. I
    > don't think I know anyone who has taken either the Praxis or PLT and had
    > to take either test, let alone both, more than twice. Most everyone passes
    > it the first time. The Praxis is the content knowledge, the basic concepts
    > and fundamentals of teaching, the PLT is application based where you
    > assess a case study and respond as to how the teacher should proceed with
    > instruction, parent/professional relationships, aligning to standards,
    > ethics etc... I'll be taking the Praxis II in March to extend my licensure
    > to include special education. (My master's degree will be complete in May
    > 09) I am not concerned about taking the tests nor do I have any doubts
    > that I will perform as I typically have in the past.
    > As for being licensed in Kansas with a current certificate from NY. I have
    > no idea! I would take the advice to check the KSDE site.
    > I know a teacher who moved here from Ohio, Cinncinati
    > area, and is having to continue her education with a master's in special
    > ed. in order to teach in the position in which she was hired. If I
    > understand correctly what is acceptable in Ohio isn't supported by Kansas.
    > So it is best to check into the licensing requirements.
    > On 9/15/08, Jamie Spruk wrote:
    >> On 8/27/08, kara wrote:
    >>> On 8/23/08, moving to Kansas wrote:
    >>>> Is this a Praxis II Test? I've taught for 16.5 years and will be
    >>>> moving to the Topeka, Kansas area during the summer of 2009. I'm
    >>>> so tired of taking a different test for every state that my
    >>>> husband has been relocated to!!! I guess I'd better get started
    >>>> now!
    >>>> Thanks, in advance, for any help/suggestions you can give me.
    >>>> On 5/31/08, KS wrote:
    >>>>> I graduated from ESU May 07 and have been trying to pass the
    >>>>> elementary education instruction, assessment test that is a
    >>>>> graduation requirement as well as license requirement for the
    >>>>> state of Kansas. I do not know if you would have to take it to
    >>>>> renew your license. But as a new teacher it is required to
    >>>>> teach as well the the PLT which is the written test that has
    >>>>> to also be passed. They have a score requirement of a 163 and
    >>>>> I just found out that my fifty try on the elem. ed
    >>>>> instruction, assessment test I was off by seven points for the
    >>>>> third time. It SUCKS!
    >>>>> On 5/31/08, LD wrote:
    >>>>>> I fear that I feel that I am totally out of the loop on this
    >>>>>> one. I am currently a stay at home mom, but have kept my
    >>>>>> teaching license. I haven't taught in a classroom for almost
    >>>>>> 7 years. Are you currently a practicing teacher or is this
    >>>>> a
    >>>>>> new test for licensure?
    >>>>>> Sorry if I sound ignorant.
    >>>>>> Thanks,
    >>>>>> LD
    >>>>>> PS...I graduated from ESU, too. It's a great program!
    >>>>>> On 5/24/08, Ks wrote:
    >>>>>>> I have taken the the elementary education curriculum test
    >>>>>>> for the fifth time now. I believe this test is pointless.
    >>>>>>> I passed the PLT the first time and think it is more
    >>>>>>> important because it gives you the situations of teaching
    >>>>>>> and since it is a written test, it shows your real
    >>>>>>> knowledge. Is there anyone else who is having a hard time
    >>>>>>> passing this test? I am a graduate of ESU and proud to say
    >>>>>>> I have passed on of the hardest programs for becoming an
    >>>>>>> elementary teacher. That is what ESU is know for.
    >>>>>>> Thanks,
    >>>>>>>Hello, i read your post and I had a question. I live in NYC and I
    >>> intend on moving to Olathe Kansas next year. I took all 3 of the NYS
    >>> teacher certificaion exams. Do you think these will transfer to
    >>> Kansas. Im 40 years old and have not been in school in years. I would
    >>> hate to have to take more tests. I am so tired of the NYCBOE. I was
    >>> born in kansas and have always wanted to move back.
    >> Hi, I am a senior college student majoring in secondary education
    >> history. The tests all depend on what your state requires for you to
    >> get a teaching license. So if NY and KS require the same tests, then
    >> you should not have to take any more. I'm not sure about if you already
    >> have a license. I don't know though, what you are going to be teaching,
    >> elementary or secondary. To find out whether or not your tests will
    >> transfer to Kansas, you should try going to When
    >> you get to this page, you will see a heading that says 'Tests'. click
    >> on praxis. On the next page, you will see a box which says State
    >> Testing Requirements. Click on the state you wish to see and it will
    >> explain what tests are needed to teach and obtain a license in that
    >> state. I hope that this helps.