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I'm in Colorado, but I really like the state of Kansas. The wide open sky, sunflowers and friendly people make it a great place to visit. My daughter also got her undergrad degree in Lindsborg, KS. She got a very good education there. However, my son was driving across Kansas and listening to the local radio stations. He told me that what he heard about NEA and teachers was hateful and scary. I'm a member of NEA because it is easier to deal with school boards and administrators as a group. I also would be paid far less than the meager salary I'm getting if there was no teacher's union. (When my mom was a teacher, there was no union and she got paid less than a man for the same job.) We in the union do NOT support bad teachers. We want them gone. We didn't hire them, but they have paid dues that entitle them to due process if needed. We also don't push any kind of Liberal agenda. We just want to teach. So what is the story, Kansas? Any thoughts?
sue I'm not sure what your son heard on the radio, but I think KS-NEA is a strong supportive group. I belonged for many years and am now a Retired KNEA/NEA member. I continue my membership because I think it is a strong group that unifies the needs of teachers and students.

Maybe you'd want to visit the knea.org website and explore for yourse...See More
Aug 25, 2008
kgrace I have no doubt that KNEA is supportive and strong, much like CEA here in Colorado. My son probably heard some radio stations that display their bias. It was the general public's perception of teachers' unions I was wondering about. I ask because I am afraid that there is a concerted effort to undermine teacher's unions in this country, (not just i...See More
Aug 25, 2008

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