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I have a variety of questions and am hoping I can get information. I am in my first year teaching SPED at a middle school in Georgia. I have taken all the tests (GACE) to make me highly qualified. My husband leaves in April for 15 months for Fort Riley/Iraq. My sons and I are contemplating moving to KS because it's closer to family, and my husband will have to be there for school once he gets back. I am struggling with all this transfer and testing stuff, and am wondering--is it worth it for only being there 2 years? And, is SPED in demand out there? I would like to be in the same schools as my kiddos (6th/8th grade), and if not, I will probably just sub.

If it is in demand, can I get in based upon what I have under my belt now for a non-renewable????

Where do you all recommend living for the best schools and opportunities for me and my kids? Any and ALL information would be appreciated. Looking fwd to being closer to family after 7 years at Fort Benning, but NOT loo...See More
Mary Hi Kathy, I read your post and wish I could help you more, but I live in northeast Kansas. However, I do know the schools in Junction City/Ft. Riley have been experiencing huge growth, and SPED teachers are in high demand in Kansas. So, I would expect you would have little trouble getting a job.

Why don't you go to the Ks State Dept of Ed...See More
Oct 18, 2008
a parent I grew up by Fort Riley and still have family there. I would NOT move to Junction City I would live in Manhattan. Nice town.

Here are a couple links to check out. [link removed]

Ogen is a small town (2K?) between Manhattan and butts rigth up to Ft. Riley. [link removed]

Ft Riley [link removed]
Oct 23, 2008
Sara Kathy,

EVERYWHERE needs special ed of some kind. North Central KS is a great place to live.

School Districts around Ft. Riley include: Manhattan/Ogden, Geary County (this is Junction city and Ft. Riley), Chapman, Abilene, Rock Creek, Randolph-Blue Valley.

There are tons of places that I m sure if you walked into the Di...See More
Nov 24, 2008

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