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My husband has been transferred to Topeka, and I'll be joining him either after the first of the year or in May. I've taught in several states (thanks to my husband!) Can anyone give me any feedback on the Topeka schools? My children will be in middle school and high school and my certification is in elementary, middle school math and Gifted and Talented. I'd love to find a position beginning in January so that my family could be together. Any and all information and advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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newbyartteacher As a teacher who grew up in Topeka through high school, went to a Kansas College, and now teach in Kansas City, MO, I really don't understand the hatred for Topeka.

In college, friends from "nicer" areas or small town Kansas always thought of Topeka as violent or dirty, never wanting to stop for gas. I lived in South Topeka, specifically m...See More
Mar 2, 2009
D Thanks for your insight. I'll be moving in less than 5 weeks and have recently purchased a home in SW Topeka. My daughters will be attending Auburn-Washburn schools and I'm still attempting to obtain a teaching position. I'm getting a little nervous!

On 3/02/09, newbyartteacher wrote: > As a teacher who grew up in Topeka through high sc...See More
Apr 28, 2009
501 teacher If the OP is still here, I'd like to know if a teaching position was obtained.

I moved here from out of state a few years ago, and can see the pros and cons of Topeka. It does seem economically depressed, and there ARE those horrid Phelps people to contend with, but other than that it's not bad.
Aug 25, 2009
wildcatrider Topeka is not that bad. Not that great, but not as bad as many other places. You don't know violent. Cd. Juarez, across the river from El Paso, is violent. The worst thing about Topeka is it can be deadly boring and has been decidedly non-progressive, but they did manage a smoking ban recently. On the plus side the cost of living is very reasonable...See More
Dec 29, 2009
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "We live about an hour from Topeka"

See even YOU don't live there. LOL
Dec 30, 2009

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