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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Across America, young people are thinking and talking about equality. From the environmental justice movement to the trial of the Jena 6 – young people continue to come out in force, speaking their minds and making their voices heard on the issues they believe in. The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights (NCRCR) is interested in hearing what today’s youth have to say about the question, “What does equality mean to you?” To that end, NCRCR seeks your assistance in reaching out to young people to let them know about our exciting essay and visual media contest.

In 1951, thirteen parents filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of their children, calling for their school district in Topeka, Kansas to reverse its policy of racial segregation. This landmark case, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954), established that "in the field of public education the doctrine of "separate but equal" has no place," making ...See More

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