Reading Is Fundamental: Middle and High School Students.

    Reading Is Fundamental: TVShow 306: "Older Students and
    Literacy". A program addressed to the Middle and High
    School Students.Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) Exchange is an hour-long
    monthly television program designed to keep educators,
    librarians, and parents informed on the latest developments
    and trends in children's literacy. Each show profiles
    exemplary literacy programs and volunteers, offers
    practical tips and strategies for educators and parents,
    and highlights great books to share with children.
    This year, RIF is celebrating its 35th anniversary and the
    milestone of placing more than 200 million books in the
    hands and homes of children who need them most.
    RIF serves children and families in every state, the
    District of Columbia, and U.S. off-shore territories in
    programs that operate in schools, libraries, community
    centers,etc. Today, thanks to public-private partnerships,
    RIF is the nation's largest children's and family literacy

    NEXT Show # 306: Older Students and Literacy, March 6,
    2002; 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. or make a reservation prior to the
    broadcast to watch it at your school.

    One of the Guests will be the 9th. grader Alejandro Gac-
    Artigas, a writer, a role model; author of "Yo, Alejandro:
    the story of a young Latino boy"(isbn:1-930-879-21-0)
    and "Off to Catch the Sun: Short Stories and Poems". (isbn:
    1-930-879-28-8) To read reviews of Alejandro Gac-Artigas'
    books by the American Library Association, International
    Reading Association, Teachers, Students, etc., go to or

    Tips for Viewing RIFNet Programs
    Information in the chart of States lists ways and locations
    for viewing RIFNet programs, either through your local
    cable company or via distance-learning networks at schools
    or libraries.
    If you do not subscribe to a local cable company listed in
    the chart, contact your local school or public library to
    make viewing arrangements for RIFNet programs.

    If you plan to watch RIFNet programs at a school, be sure
    to call the local contact (listed under your state) to make
    reservations prior to the broadcast.
    Please feel free to videotape all RIFNet broadcasts to
    share with your colleagues.

    Call the RIFNet Access Hot Line at 1-800-590-0041 for more
    To find out where host sites and reception is available Go
    and Click on your state

    Tip to use Alejandro's books in the classroom:
    Several schools are using Alejandro's books, "books written
    by a peer", as following: 1.- they give the students a
    chapter to read
    2.- they discuss the chapter in class 3.- they ask the kids
    to write something similar based on their own personal

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