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What better reason to not cut education than the fact our representatives on both a state and federal level can't balance a budget? A failing economy works in favor of terrorism. Check out taxpayer advocate sites, www.taxpayer.net www.gao.gov www.ntu.org www.cagw.org www.nextrevolution.net. Post ideas on Nextrev and send an e-mail to the White house. I've posted ideas which I'll give to education if the people in education will do the ground work. Educators, parents, and students who ask for $ for education have the resources and people power to prove education is all you say it is. Many factories have programs like Nextrev and save millions of $, not just one time but year after year. Young Americans are about to go to war to protect our freedom and keep us safe, return the favor by doing all we can to turn this economy around. Scott D. Tisthammer greyghost@qwest.net www.nextrevolution.net

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