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Please help me pass the word along to all the parents and
teachers about this book.

Thank you.
Jeanne Buesser
President, Apraxia Network of Bergen County
Outreach Coordinator of Cherab

"Oral language-the ability to communicate needs, feelings
and opinions via verbal speech-is the coin-of-the-realm in
today's society. One must be able to interact verbally with
others and an inability to do so, can greatly hamper a
child's development and independence.

For most children, oral language develops quite naturally.
As the child's vocabulary and syntax emerges, he becomes
better able to communicate with others and gains control of
his environment. A child's failure to develop normal verbal
language can create great angst for his parents and

When a parent has concerns about the child's language
development, she often turns to family members or neighbors
for 'expert' ...See More

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