late talker book resource for parents
jeanne buesser

    Please help me pass the word along to all the parents and
    teachers about this book.Thank you.
    Jeanne Buesser
    President, Apraxia Network of Bergen County
    Outreach Coordinator of Cherab

    "Oral language-the ability to communicate needs, feelings
    and opinions via verbal speech-is the coin-of-the-realm in
    today's society. One must be able to interact verbally with
    others and an inability to do so, can greatly hamper a
    child's development and independence.

    For most children, oral language develops quite naturally.
    As the child's vocabulary and syntax emerges, he becomes
    better able to communicate with others and gains control of
    his environment. A child's failure to develop normal verbal
    language can create great angst for his parents and

    When a parent has concerns about the child's language
    development, she often turns to family members or neighbors
    for 'expert' advice. The counsel that is provided generally
    ranges from unwarranted panic to laissez-faire advice that
    the child 'will grow out of it.' Neither of these reactions
    is particularly helpful or effective.

    However, The Late Talker by Agin, Geng and Nicholl provides
    useful, field tested advice for parents who are concerned
    about their child's language development. This gem of a
    book provides an immensely readable overview of normal
    language development and a thorough review of the cause of
    language delays and disabilities. The material offers
    comfort and counsel for the anxious parents.

    The great strength of The Late Talker is its
    transdisciplinary approach to the topic. Dr. Agin offers a
    thoughtful medical perspective on the problem and
    translates the related research into understandable and
    useful terms. Co-author Lisa Geng provides an invaluable
    parental perspective on the issue by discussing the
    emotional reactions of the family to the child with delayed

    The Late Talker provides an unparalleled overview of a
    problem faced by families throughout America . But beyond
    merely defining the problems, the book offers practical
    advice and strategies that the reader can put into
    action . . . today. This book belongs in every
    pediatrician's office and in the bookshelf of every early
    childhood center in the country."

    --Richard D. Lavoie, M.S., M.Ed., Visiting Professor at
    Simmons College , Former Director of Riverview School ,
    Producer The F.A.T. City Video

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