Re: Just wondering about teaching in KY

    I completely agree with Tom. I moved here from the Midwest
    three years ago and wound up working in the public schools of
    Louisville, KY. The first school I worked at had 93% poverty
    rate. The second school I worked at had 76%. These conditions
    make it very difficult to teach. The schools with lower poverty
    rates have very long waiting lists for transfers. The testing
    is ridiculous. As Tom said, parents and students are not held
    accountable and teachers and administrators are faced with
    getting degrading labels and of having their schools restaffed,
    not getting money, etc., if the students are not "proficient."
    Proficient is ridiculous since some of my fourth grade students
    couldn't read on kindergarten levels. Yet I was supposed to
    move them to proficiency in a years time?! To qualify for LD
    the requirements are so ridiculously low that hardly any kids
    qualify and the ones that do don't get the help they need.
    Retaining kids rarely happens so kids just keep getting passed
    along that can't read or write. Also, the mobility rate is
    extremely high, at least where I worked, and by fourth grade
    many students have been to more than four schools, some upwards
    of eight... Most of the children are disrespectful and apathetic to their
    education primarily because their parents are the same way.
    Every other day it seemed a parent was in the school cussing out
    one or more teachers for things they should have been yelling at
    their kids for and making them accept responsibility for their
    actions. Parents seem really eager to sue and try and press
    charges over nothing.

    My experience has been so bad that after only three years of
    teaching and at the age of 27, I resigned. I was getting no joy
    out of the work. It is heartbreaking to see what these kids go
    through, to see how little they care about their lives and of
    taking charge of them, and it became too much to deal with....
    the rude parents, the terrible behaviors, and the overall apathy
    of the students.

    If you move here, you will see an overwhelming number of fourth
    grade openings. Don't take one! You will be required to have
    each student write a huge writing portfolio, your students will
    be tested in science, reading, math, and on-demand writing on
    top of the portfolio. Too much work for both the kids and the
    teacher. Especially the teacher. There has been a mass exodus
    of fourth and fifth grade teachers because of testing demands.

    My second school was in a nicer neighborhood than the first, but
    the kids were bussed in from the neighborhood I first worked
    in. Kids ride the bus for 30 - 45 minutes, getting in trouble
    by throwing things out the bus windows and breaking
    windshields... Since we have so much bussing, parents are not
    involved because we don't have neighborhood schools and they
    have no transportation or don't want to drive across town...
    Something needs to drastically be done to change this school
    system. It is spirally out of control, in my opinion. Of
    course, this is just my experience. I hope I helped.