False Promting of NCLB

    False Promoting of NCLB: from >>>
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    "Armstrong Williams, a prominent conservative commentator
    who was a protg of Senator Strom Thurmond and Justice
    Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court, acknowledged
    yesterday, Jan.7th, that he was paid $240,000 by the
    Department of Education to promote its initiatives [on
    NCLB] on his syndicated television program and to other
    African-Americans in the news media.
    Mr. Williams, who also runs a small public relations firm
    and until yesterday wrote a syndicated newspaper column,
    was required to broadcast two one-minute advertisements in
    which Education Secretary Rod Paige extolled the merits of
    its national standards program, No Child Left Behind.
    The disclosure about the arrangement coincides with a
    decision by the Government Accountability Office that the
    administration had violated a law against
    unauthorized federal propaganda by distributing television
    news segments that promoted drug enforcement policies
    without identifying their origin. More than 300
    news programs reaching more than 22 million households
    broadcast the segments.
    ... [A Democratric Representative] called the release of
    the news segments and the payments to Mr. Williams part
    of "a very dangerous practice that deceives the public" by
    concealing the role of taxpayer dollars in promoting
    partisan policies. "Are they funding propaganda?" he
    asked. "Are they funding money to their friends?"
    ................. and from this Site >>>
    behind.htm <<< , " ... NCLB will result in busing all
    over again. But the untold "gotcha" is that when there is
    not enough room in other public schools to accommodate all
    students who want to transfer, the next version of NCLB
    will mandate vouchers to private schools. That seems to be
    the real, underlying rationale for NCLB in the first place.
    In summary, the No Child Left Behind legislation, makes it
    difficult, if not impossible, for the most disadvantaged
    and most deprived children to be successful, it ignores
    high achievers by requiring only minimal proficiency, it
    insures failure by not providing nearly enough money for
    the needed one-on-one supplementary tutoring and it will
    result in the destruction of entire neighborhoods through
    a new round of busing.
    If Osama Bin Laden wanted to destroy our public school
    system, he couldn't have designed a better plan. ... "
    ........ unfortunately, AFT continues to support NCLD, as
    noted in >>>
    <<< ; " ... in the letter [from the American Federation
    of Teachers] sent last week. "If the Department [ of Ed.]
    does not take action, we believe that the U.S. Congress,
    which overwhelmingly supported the legislation, should do
    so." The letter noted AFT's firm commitment to
    NCLB's goals and its framework for standards and
    accountability. "
    ...... in other words, get the government More
    involved, so says one of our unions. I can't think
    of one viable solution to NCLB. We're stuck.