I'm working on my Master's and need input...


    My name is Courtney Wright and I am a graduate of Peabody
    College of Vanderbilt with secondary certification (7-12)
    in English. Currently, I am a graduate student at
    Northwestern University working under the direction of Dr.
    Michael E. Roloff in the Department of Communication
    Studies with a concentration in Interaction and Social
    Influence. For my 2nd year project, Professor Michael E.
    Roloff and I are conducting a research study entitled,
    Classroom justice, principled dissent, and tenure status:
    Instructor reactions to perceived unfairness (IRB Project
    # 0423-055). The purpose of this research study is to
    explore instructor perceptions of, and reactions to,
    justice violations within school policies and procedures.

    I am in desperate need of a population to sample and thus
    I am asking you, my fellow educators, if you would be
    willing to volunteer for my study and complete a
    questionnaire (the link is provided below). I am very
    interested in having your viewpoints included in this
    study and would greatly appreciate your being willing to
    spare a little bit of your time (approximately 45 minutes)
    to help a fellow educator and hardworking graduate
    student. The Northwestern University Institutional Review
    Board (IRB) has approved this research study and your
    participation will be completely confidential.

    Please be gracious enough to complete and return the
    questionnaire [link provided below] via email. Directions
    to guide you through this technological process are
    included below. Because this is a "snowball" survey, we
    (Professor Roloff and myself) would appreciate it if you
    would forward this email to at least two fellow educators,
    one with tenure status and one without. We will
    appreciate any, and all input we receive regarding
    instructor perceptions of justice violations in school
    policies and procedures. Thank you in advance for your

    Feel free to email me at if you
    have any further questions/concerns.


    Dr. Michael E. Roloff, Faculty Investigator
    (847) 491-5834

    Courtney N. Wright, Co-Investigator
    (847) 332-7022Please click on the link below to access the survey for
    the research study conducted by Courtney Wright under the
    direction of Dr. Michael Roloff entitled, Classroom
    Justice, Principled Dissent, and Tenure Status: Instructor
    reactions to perceived unfairness. Once you have accessed
    the website follow the below instructions:

    * Read the enclosed informational letter and consent form

    * Click FILE ---> EDIT WITH MICROSOFT WORD to begin
    completing the survey

    * Make the appropriate changes to reflect your responses
    to the questions (i.e. type open-ended responses, place
    appropriate number in space provided, etc.)

    * Click FILE ---> SAVE AS and save your completed survey
    to your computer

    * Send the saved version of the questionnaire as an email
    attachment to