Re: Desperate to Find Teaching Job in KY
hi amy

    hi amyi graduated in 2004 and still haven't found a job either.
    Have you been interviewing in KY or are you just loooking?
    Do you have family there? Louisville has a nice family
    atmosphere, might be something to check out. I know that
    the northern parts of KY pay better than the southern part
    of the state. Probably because they are closer to Ohio.
    Where have you been looking?


    On 8/12/07, AmyB wrote:
    > I graduated from Eastern December 2005 w/my teaching degree
    > and I have not been able to find a job yet! I have been
    > interviewed but they are looking for someone with more
    > experience. Well, if I was given a chance to teach I would
    > have that necessary experience! Any suggestions or anyone
    > know of any jobs open? Thanks!