Re: Moving to Kentucky-Guidance please!

    On 3/01/03, Toni/Ga wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I live in Macon, Georgia and my husband's job is relocating
    > him to Louisville. I would like to have any information
    > that you can give me! How difficult is it to get certified
    > in Kentucky? What areas in and around Louisville would be
    > good places to look at for a position? Also, I have
    > elementary-aged children myself. What are the good
    > districts and schools to look at for them to attend? I am
    > a little overwhelmed at this time since my husband will be
    > there permanently May 1st. ANY help or information would
    > be greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks!
    > Toni/GAFirst find a good private school for your child. I am
    serious. I am a teacher of 23 years in KY. My youngest is a
    sophomore in high school. During grades 1-6 she was in an
    excellent private school along with 5 other elementary
    teachers'children from my school. Our state had just
    mandated Kentucky Education Reform Act which sounds so pretty
    but leaves a lot to be desired for those who know what to
    look for in a quality education. Yes, you may find some
    excellent schools in Jefferson county but look hard and ask
    tough questions and do not be fooled by evidence of
    increasing test scores according to the CATs test. What kind
    of reading programs, math program do they use, what about
    their non-graded primary program? Also check into Oldham
    county schools.

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