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Are you ready for this one?? DOE is paying people $6,000
each to "redesign" the CC this summer. A friend of mine
is a 3rd grade teacher (always has been). She is being
paid to redesign the 1st grade Comp. Curriculum.

Can't wait to have this new CC forced down my throat.
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oh yeah /blockquote>

Here is one simple explanation of student-centered vs. teacher-
centered (or teacher-directed) learning. This is from wikipedia, but
you can find similar lists just by googling "student-centered

Characteristics of Student-centred learning
Students are active participants in their learning <...See More
Mar 19, 2007
Sarah /blockquote>

I was not the sarcastic poster. I agree 100 percent. Pre-K and
K Curriculum should be integrated. That is the biggest
struggles we have had with CC. It is divided up into 5 (with
reading essentials) seperate areas (like upper grades). You
have 4 different "themes" going on at one time. Our little ones
ne...See More
Mar 21, 2007
8th Grade Teacher /blockquote>

I'm not sure who posted the comment about expecting others to help
someone earn their money, but this is what is wrong with
education. We all blame the people who wrote the curriculum for
doing a bad job, yet here is someone ON THE COMMITTTEE asking for
our input and we see as them cutting us out of some cas...See More
Mar 21, 2007
Sarah/LA "the original" /blockquote>

This is the second post I have made to this message and I have not
posted by another name so I am not "oh yeah" or "Sarah". As far as
the PreK curriculum, my biggest problem is that so much information
is crammed into the first few units then by midterm there is little
left to do but review.

In the...See More
Apr 11, 2007
Vincent Miholic While the comparison/contrast list is fairly accurate, a few words of caution, the source misses the mark in substantial ways, to the degree that it is actually misinformational since the writer doesn't fully understand the juxtaposition of differentiation and how it is applied to GLES.

A few indicators of how the argument is errant [my co...See More
Sep 21, 2008

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