Re: student-centered vs. teacher-directed learning
oh yeah

    Here is one simple explanation of student-centered vs. teacher-
    centered (or teacher-directed) learning. This is from wikipedia, but
    you can find similar lists just by googling "student-centered
    learning."Characteristics of Student-centred learning
    Students are active participants in their learning
    Students make decisions about what they will learn and how
    Students construct new knowledge and skills by building on their
    current knowledge and skills
    Students understand expectations and are encouraged to use self-
    assessment measures
    Sudents work in collaboration with other learners
    Students work demonstrates authentic learning
    Teachers recognize different learning styles
    Teachers help students work through difficulties by asking open-ended
    questions to guide the student so that they arrive at a conclusion or
    solution that is satisfactory to them
    Learning is an active search for meaning by the learner;-constructing
    knowledge rather than passively receiving it, shaping as well as being
    shaped by experiences
    Students monitor their own learning, to understand how knowledge is
    acquired, and to develop strategies for learning
    Students are intrinsically motivated to reach goals they have set for
    Students make decisions about group membership; who they will work
    with and how

    What student-centred learning is NOT:
    In teacher-directed instruction:

    Students work to meet the objectives set by the teacher
    Students complete activities designed by the teacher to achieve goals
    determined by the teacher
    Students respond to directions and step by step instruction from the
    teacher as they progress through activities
    Students are given extrinsic motivators like grades and rewards as a
    means of motivating them to complete work
    Students work in groups determined by the teacher-the teacher is in
    control of group membership
    Student work is evaluated solely by the teacher

    Now student-centered learning is the new big thing in education. But
    many people don't really understand what it means. And it is ironic
    that the grade level expectations and comprehensive curriculum are
    both teacher-centered in that the state has determined in detail the
    content to be taught and has set parameters regarding how it will be
    taught, but the state then calls on teachers to do that in a student-
    centered way.

    What the good teacher does is find the best path for the group of
    students he or she is teaching. The good teacher uses teacher-
    centered learning when best and student-centered learning when best
    and realizes that it doesn't have to be either/or.

    But it is perilous to presume that young children can direct their own
    learning and that they don't need a solid structure and a solid
    foundation before they start making decisions on how and what they
    will learn.

    This is all nonsense in fact when we start with state-driven mandates
    of what will be taught and how it will be taught and end with state-
    mandated tests that assess learning. There must be a focus on teacher-
    directed learning in such an environment.

    On 3/18/07, HS Teacher wrote:
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    > As for the second poster, I, too, would like to know what your term
    > means. I am the mother of three children who were GT as they went
    > through school, but I don't think that as Pre-K they would have been
    > served by less teacher direction. At that age, children are new to
    > learning and to school. The term you used just needs to be
    > clarified to some of us.
    > On 3/16/07, Michele LA wrote:
    >> On 3/15/07, oh yeah wrote:
    >>> Oh, yeah. Pre-K students really need less teacher direction and
    >>> more finding their own path. You've said the politically
    >>> correct education terms, i.e., "less teacher directed and more
    >>> child/centers based." Now what do you really mean by that? Are
    >>> the little Pre-K kids going to contruct their own framework of
    >>> learning? Oh, yeah.
    >> Wow. Thanks for the sarcastic remarks. They are so informative and
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