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I am an educator and reading specialist and live on the southern MA/ northern RI border. I have taught in both states (RI and Mass). Where I live and work, the pace of life is very fast, there is lots of materialism and snobbery, the value system is sports and money. Frankly, we hate it. We cannot be around this any longer. We are looking to move and Louisana is one of the places we are considering. I would love to hear from educators about your experience teaching in this state. In my district, everything (including our evaluations) is linked to test scores and common core standards. That is probably the case everywhere. However, I think it is harder to teach in some states than in others. In your state are the salaries reasonably competitive (relatively speaking)? How's the level of respect for teachers? How's the morale? Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

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