Would I be wasting my time?

    Hi there. I have a question for you teachers out there in
    New Orleans. I am a certified elementary (k-6 multiple
    subject) teacher in California. I have taught two years
    here in a public school (2005-2007)and also two years in
    Chicago at a private school (2008-2010). I'm open to either.

    So I went from CA to IL, and now I'm back in CA.
    Unfortunately, California is not the best state to land a
    teaching job right now, and hasn't been for a while. I've
    tried, and haven't gotten anything. Mostly, there are just
    no openings (and I'm not exaggerating!), and when there
    are, they go to teachers who have been recently laid off.
    I'm currently a nanny, but want to get back into teaching
    by the 2013-2014 school year.

    Here is the thing: While I will still spend time looking in
    California, I honestly don't have high hopes. I want to
    look somewhere where I might have more of a chance. I love
    New Orleans so much, and it would be very high on my list
    of places to relocate if I needed to. My credential here in
    CA would transfer over and I'd be able to get a certificate
    in Louisiana pretty easily. In some states this is more
    difficult, so that is another reason I'm focusing in on
    this area. I wouldn't move without first signing a
    contract, but I am curious to see if I should look for a
    teaching job there, or if I'd be wasting my time. How is
    the job outlook?

    Also, in California we have one website (edjoin) that
    pretty much lists all vacancies in the state. Most
    districts use it exclusively. While trying to search for
    vacancies in New Orleans, I've found a few things. but I
    don't know which websites are the most reliable. For
    instance, I've found a couple that look like they are great
    tools until I look and see that the job was posted in 2009,
    ha. Where do teachers go when looking online for a job in