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For Massachusetts science teachers - I'm releasing free PDF downloads of two popular Massachusetts natural history books that many on this board likely already own. There are no restrictions to their use as files to share. They can be distributed to students for free if they so wish. However, they cannot be reprinted or republished in print form.

In 1994, I began Hampshire House Publishing Co. to print and sell a nature guide to the four western counties of the Massachusetts, "The Natural History of Western Massachusetts." With full-color photos, maps and illustrations, it was based on nature articles I wrote for the Springfield Newspapers. At the time, I was the paper's science writer. The book was illustrated by the paper's staff artist, Mike Nasuti.

The book was an instant success, reaching the best-seller list in some local bookstores. Soon after, I published its companion book, "The Natural History of Eastern Massachusetts." The two books have been used extensive...See More

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