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I'm new to this site and I'm hoping I can get some insight from fellow MD teachers.

I'm currently a teacher on the Eastern Shore of MD. I teach at a Middle School that serves an incredibly difficult population. Nearly 60&37; of the students are economically disadvantaged, and the city that my school serves are filled with drugs and many other crimes. This crime has spread into our school, and many of the students are participating, and worse yet, getting away with it due to the failure of the law.

I love teaching. My administration and coworkers are absolutely amazing, but all in all, the students here make me miserable. Instead of teaching, I have to worry about drug deals and some times things that are even worse.

I am looking to move across the bridge and relocate in Annapolis, because many of my fellow college grads live there. I was wondering if anybody knew of any great school systems to teach for on the Western Shore, or perhaps a p...See More
Kathy I work in Calvert County. I like it here, but the chances of us hiring? Slim. We are cutting positions this next school year.

In Annapolis, you may want to check out St. Mary's High School. I do know that one of its history teachers will be leaving.

Good Luck! Kathy

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Feb 24, 2015
Naraja It is so sad that drugs are popular at school. Most schools will place a student who is caught with drugs or alcohol on some sort of suspension where the student has at least temporarily lost their rights to sit in a classroom. Help your students with their drug problems - I think they need rehab.
Apr 28, 2020

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