Re: I'm sorry you feel that way

    On 3/10/03, Georgia Hedrick wrote:
    > No one is against the military. Can't you understand that? What
    > people do not want is war. What teachers want kids to discuss is what
    > is going on in the world today and what it means.
    > By the way, Jackalope, if that is your name it is a sad name. It
    > represents something that doesn't exist, except in folklore. I have a
    > name that I was given at birth, Georgia. I am not afraid to use it.
    > Obviously, you are afraid of your name and that is sad.
    > Kids have the right to discuss ideas. That is what education is all
    > about--ideas. I do not know where you learned that education is about
    > information. Information is only step one to an education. I have a
    > strong feeling that you just like to pontificate. So, rage on, you and
    > King Lear.
    > Thank you to the person who gave me the website of more rational
    > people. Bye now! ghI don't post these things just to hear myself talk. I do so to hear what
    other rational adults have to say about MY ideas. The very IDEAS that
    YOU want to run away from. Apparently your comments concerning what
    education is only apply to situations where you can control what's said.
    Obviously, you aren't nearly as willing to consider IDEAS when you can't
    tell someone to be quiet and sit down. Just as obviously, you do not
    believe in your own words. In your last post, you said, "This is about
    discussion of both points of view, of all points of view, and that
    discussion has to take place somewhere. The classroom seems logical."

    I understand now why you felt the classroom was "logical"; because you
    have NO intention of discussing "both points of view, of all points of
    view" with another adult who you cannot bully. You NEED the authority of
    a classroom in order to FORCE children to listen to YOUR ideas and your
    ideas only.

    Concerning your other insulting comments toward me, I DO hope that you
    don't pick at the names of children who express a desire to think
    independently of your political agenda. As an adult, I see your comments
    concerning MY name as a very childish, immature way of striking back when
    logic and facts prove you to be wrong. A child however, is much more
    sensitive to someone making fun of THEIR name. Please don't take out
    your frustrations on children as you've tried to do here.