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Middle and high school teachers are invited to join the Upstander Project and Maine Historical Society for a workshop on the Wabanaki in Maine.

We will watch the 13-minute documentary, First Light, and test its companion online learning resources to deepen our understanding of the historical context of the Maine Wabanaki State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Participants will get primary and secondary source documents, learn new interactive techniques, talk with the filmmaker, discover how to teach this as a contemporary story, participate in Listening Circles and textual analysis activities, and will receive a free copy of First Light.

Presenters include Adam Mazo, Director of the Upstander Project and Director and Producer of First Light, and the feature-length film, Dawnland, and Mishy Lesser, Ed.D. Upstander Project Learning Director and author of the Coexist Teacher's Guide.

Dates & Locations: + Monday, April 18, 1-4:30pm at Maine ...See More

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