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A teacher were to have a bumper sticker on his or her car
which read: "War with Iraq. NO!" OR one which read "Let's
kick Iraqi a$$"." Would said teacher be required to remove
said bumper sticker? Would the teacher be able to park on
school property where students might be able to see the
bumper sticker? Where does a teacher's own civil rights
end and begin?

What if I live in the same small town where I teach and I
choose to post a huge political campaign sign in my yard
(which I did during the last election mind you) where the
world can see it including my literate students? What if
they asked me about said sign? Even if I refuse to discuss
it on school property (which I do) the students (because
they are literate and thoughtful) might know exactly where
I stand on the war issue and our esteemed president. What
then? Must I no longer participate in the political
process like other Americans s...See More
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B.G. in Derby City /blockquote>

On 3/10/03, Georgia Hedrick wrote:
> Education isn't the simple dispensing of information. Education
> much more than that. Education is development of the mind and
> to make a better person. Indoctrination has nothing to do with
> this. This is about discussion of both points of ...See More
Mar 10, 2003

On 3/09/03, Georgia Hedrick wrote:
> They have to obey. That's were
> little kids just don't get it. They are taught that fighting
> is wrong except in self-defense and yet, off go their parents
> to fight--not to defend, but to attack. Sad. Scarey. gh

To the military wifes: This is YOU<...See More
Mar 11, 2003
courious /blockquote>

On 3/09/03, Georgia Hedrick wrote:
> And, as to the person who said that 7 year olds just don't
> make 'this stuff up' hasn't been around 7 year olds for
> long. Seven year olds make up stuff all the time, based on
> their fears, and hopes, and longings, and wishes. It is how ...See More
Mar 12, 2003
Freedom Loving American /blockquote>

Typical junk logic. The ends do not justify the means. You
don't have the right to abuse children simply becuase you don't
agree with a POSSIBLE war. Every citizen has restraints on
their freedom of speech w.r.t. their profession. You can't walk
into a company and say you disagree with the way the company is...See More
Mar 14, 2003
A. Savoy /blockquote>

The bottom line is: get
> mad at the people who voted for Bush which was the majority.

The majority did NOT vote for Bush. The electoral college & the Supreme
Court voted for Bush. If you are going to talk politics please
understand how the process is supposed to work. Whether it did or not
i...See More
May 8, 2003

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