Re: What if?

    On 3/09/03, Georgia Hedrick wrote:
    > And, as to the person who said that 7 year olds just don't
    > make 'this stuff up' hasn't been around 7 year olds for
    > long. Seven year olds make up stuff all the time, based on
    > their fears, and hopes, and longings, and wishes. It is how
    > those little people cope with reality. It is how they put
    > some control in their life. It is normal.
    > For all you folks out there who support the military kids. A
    professor at a college wanted her/his students to send "anti
    war letters" to president Bush, and the students told her/him
    to "take a hike". That teacher is now put on "administrative
    leave", THE DIFFERENCE IS: these kids were college kids, yet
    the military kids were/are 7 yrs old, and therefore can be
    insulted by saying "they misunderstood 7 yr olds do that all
    the time". I say I guess you ME teachers who "allegedly"
    insulted the military kids, and not you nor the NG have yet
    come out to set the record straight you can count yourself
    lucky that these were not high school or college kids. When we
    lived in NC a similar incident happened it was not a military
    kids issue it was racial I believe. These high school kids
    beat up several teachers, the principal came out and wanted to
    break it up, and they threw him against the wall and beat him
    so bad that he had to be hospitalized for 5 weeks. That
    happened around 1980. I do NOT condone violence, but for you
    who now make liars out of these 7 yr olds I guess you are
    counting your blessings that these kids were not teenagers for
    there would be no way that you could over up then.