Re: northern michigan jobs?

    I am interested in Northern and Central Michigan. I have eight
    years of experience and am certified in K-5 ele and 6-8 social
    studies and language arts. Any suggestions?

    On 3/03/12, SinDee wrote:
    > On 3/02/12, Amie wrote:
    >> Hello!
    >> I am looking to relocate to Northern Michigan to be closer
    >> to my family. I am in my second year of teaching
    >> kindergarten in Southern Michigan and looking to relocate to
    >> teach in the Traverse City area. If anyone knows of any
    >> openings please kindly let me know.
    >> Thank You!
    > Will you only take the TC area? I live 2 hours south of TC.
    > Can keep a look out for openings. Thanks