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Hello, I am a teacher just finishing my second year in lower el, and I have discovered that I LOVE it and am interested in getting my early childhood endorsement! However I know that you must do student teaching which of course conflicts with work...I've been researching it and found that apparently experienced teachers can have it waived but the document I'm reading does not seem very clear if you still have to have work experience in two different age groups or if you can waive the entire requirement. (I've posted it below if anyone wants to look).

So I was just wondering if there are any other teachers out there who have gained their early childhood endoresement while they were teaching, and if so, how they did it and what school they went through...having some info will be good as I continue to look into this with the state.

Thank you in advance.

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KMS The ZA is being phased into the ZS (Early Childhood general and special education). I believe the last ZA test offered will be in July 2012, so the ZS is what you will be working toward. At least in my case, it wasn't much extra work, but resulted in opening up a whole new range of job opportunities. The first ZS test will be offered this upcoming ...See More
Apr 13, 2012
meme Thank you so much! I had heard for the ZS endorsement but now I understand what it is a little better!

I am assuming I will find that my first practicum I can do in my own clssroom...I also was thinking I might need to do a summer practicum in a child development center or something of that sort. I think that might be a challenge since I l...See More
Apr 15, 2012

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