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I have worked with my district for years and now new substitutes receive the jobs I have gotten in the past and I get nothing. I worked hard to get some priority with jobs and that was all for nothing. Now it is a fight to get jobs. Do you guys have not shame? You charge the teachers that do not have much money in the beginning of the school year and then make it a big fight so many that have worked hard cannot fight. You really should rethink what you have done. I am upset that I have to pay for this things for a job that should be free to obtain. My priorities have been dumped by this thing. The district even tried to put me into jobs that I was the priority teacher for and they could not do it. This makes me sick to my stomach. I worked hard and you took it all away.
no one cares Districts don't care about subs, just as they don't care about cafeteria, bus drivers, aids, and even contract teachers. They outsource as much as they can to save money. You don't matter to them and the glut of unemployed teachers makes subs a dime a dozen. Its a hard reality and will only improve if people refuse to take the job...

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Sep 19, 2013

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