Re: Your feelings on Praxis testing
Here's my feelings...hope it's not too late to answer

    On 6/05/03, Laurie Dally wrote:
    > I'm conducting some research on teacher testing for a
    > Tests & Measurements course that I'm taking. Anyone
    > interesting in answering the following questions?
    > 1. What type of Praxis test have you taken?I just took Praxis II 0011 and 0012 for Elementary Curriculum
    and Instruction as well as Content Area Exercises

    > 2. What was the intended purpose of the test?

    The "intention" is to make sure that the teacher is qualified
    and knowledgeable in these areas.

    > 3. Who made the decision for you to take it?

    In order to teach in another state, this is one of their many
    requirements even though I'm an experienced teacher and have
    other certifications.

    > 4. Was the person who administered the test to you
    > trained to adminster the test?

    For both tests it did seem so. They were pretty succinct and
    followed all protocol.

    > 5. What are you thoughts on the effectiveness of the test?

    I don't think that the 0011 is really effective. It's
    multiple-choice and it's a timed test. So if you're a great
    guesser, you can pass and people think you know what you're
    doing. If you're a great teacher but terrible test-taker,
    they'll think you don't know your area of expertise if you
    fail the test.
    As for the 0012, it could have been effective if adequate
    time was given. You are given 4 essay questions with many
    different parts that must be covered. Yet, you're only given
    30 minutes per question. And a couple of the questions they
    gave no room to take notes ahead of time. Of course with the
    time restraints, you don't have time to take notes. If they
    want effective answers, they'd give adequate time.

    > 6. What criticisms or issues do you have concerning the
    > validity of the test?

    As stated in my previous answer, with multiple-choice it can
    be a guessing game. It does not adequately show your
    knowlege on these questions and only looks for an outcome.
    If they want good, thought out answers for the essay
    questions, then they need to allot more time.

    > 7. What are you feelings about the test design and
    > construction?

    I did not like the design and construction of the 0012. For
    each essay question they allotted around 6 full pages where
    you could write your answer, yet they allotted small to
    almost no space to take notes before you write.
    > Thank you for your comments.