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I'm conducting some research on teacher testing for a Tests & Measurements course that I'm taking. Anyone interesting in answering the following questions?

1. What type of Praxis test have you taken? 2. What was the intended purpose of the test? 3. Who made the decision for you to take it? 4. Was the person who administered the test to you trained to adminster the test? 5. What are you thoughts on the effectiveness of the test? 6. What criticisms or issues do you have concerning the validity of the test? 7. What are you feelings about the test design and construction?

Thank you for your comments.
  • Christy Munson On 4/01/09, physics major wrote: > I am SO disturbed by everyone saying they are "qualified" to teach physics > yet can't past the test. The test is EASY, compared to other states' > tests. The praxis tests GENERAL p...See More
    Jun 18, 2010 report post
  • John The hardest test I ever took was my Master's orals. I think they only asked 4 questions in 2 hours, but with each question they probed and probed until they discovered where my knowledge fell short. If we really want to test students, this is ...See More
    Jul 2, 2009 report post
  • Nikki I took the three Praxis I tests a month ago. I found out that the paper based test was offered about 14 days before I took it and studied about an hour every evening in anticipation of the test. I passed with flying colors even though I have not ...See More
    May 26, 2009 report post
  • I'll never forget this guy I went to school with... I was signed up for the single subject math CSETs. I had printed out the CSET description of the tests and was looking it over in one of my basic education classes. This guy in the class (not very smart guy--a coach trying to be a p.e. teacher) as...See More
    Apr 1, 2009 report post
  • Math Teach hysics major: Your post is sopt on! I was a math major, and get ticked off by those who complain about the Praxis 2 for secondary math. In this economy, they should raide the passing scores, so only those who are competent in math (and physics) ca...See More
    Apr 1, 2009 report post
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