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This is an invitation to participate in a totally free
event that will take place on September 11 and that will
be, I believe, of special interest to teachers and
librarians. As we are a public library in Illinois with
absolutely no budget to give this event the publicity it
deserves, we are hoping you will share the information
with anyone you think might have an interest.

On September 11, 2006, the Bensenville Community Public
Library District (a Chicago suburb) will present Marion
Blumenthal Lazan live and in real time to anyone with an
Internet connection. To participate, you merely install a
small program (it loads in about 20 seconds), turn on your
computer's speakers, then sit back and listen to Marion.
If you also have a microphone attached to your computer,
you will be able to speak with her and ask questions

As a girl, Marion and her family were trapped in Hitler's ...See More

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