Re: MAP test motivation ideas?

    Here are some of the things we do in our district:We usually test for 3 weeks (we break it up - one week per
    subject). On the first test day of each week, the students receive
    a note of encourage. First week - a letter from their parent (staff
    writes notes to students whose parents don't participate); second
    week - note from a staff member; third week - note from a secret
    buddy in K-2. The kids really look forward to these notes and I've
    received some really sweet thank you's from kids I've written to.

    We provide snacks each day of testing - fruit, crackers, whatever
    their teacher wants them to have. We also provide gum and mints. I
    give the special ed teacher a basket of goodies at the beginning of
    testing so she can use them as she needs to, because her schedule is
    different from the regular classroom teachers.

    When students have finished testing each day they receive a little
    treat with a note of encouragement and test taking tips on it. The
    teachers review the tips with their children.

    In the past we've had a pep rally with each grade making up a cheer
    and the staff did a skit on what NOT to do on the MAP. This year
    the kids did an obstacle course with different MAP tips - rereading,
    checking your work, etc.

    At the end of testing we have a celebration with a snack and

    At the beginning of the school year, we recognize our MAP Masters.
    Students who have done well are recognized as well as students who
    have make progress from the previous year.