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Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a state certified Reading Specialist. Most of my background is in helping students & adults with dyslexia and moderate learning problems. However, I have time at the present to conduct tutoring sessions in the areas of language, reading, spelling, and written language for any aged student needing help.

I also run an independent Reading Clinic that is online, home based, and remote. My Reading Clinic is specified to intensive research based methods of instruction. When conventional methods don't work--I can help! My training and tutoring includes Orton-Gillingham techniques, which have been used over 75 years to help children with learning differences. My current Orton-Gillingham (multisensory) research based programs that are implemented in my tutoring sessions consist of: Touchphonics, Barton, Slingerland, Project Read, Seeing Stars, LIPS, and Logic of English Foundations. Direct instruction reading programs that are also implemented in my ...See More

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