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I am a new teacher to the profession and I have began teaching in a critical needs, Level One School in Durant, MS. The children practically run the school. Teachers are cursed at, threatened, subjected to daily fights and only two security guards are at the school to assist with the 500 plus students there. Before I signed my contact, I never imagined the headache and stress associated with the position. It is a complete nightmare. I was wondering if there was a State Contact to refer the matter to. I looked on the Mississippi Department of Education website and I do not see a link. Could someone offer suggestions?
  • The Apache Kid On 9/27/09, Student Teacher wrote: > I was student teaching PE last year at a suburban high > school where the > students are given a choice between Saturday dentention > and corporal punishment for things like tardies, etc. > This wa...See More
    Feb 7, 2011 report post
  • missy I moved from Leflore county 3 years ago in Greenwood MS. Go to the MS State Department of Education and look for alternate certification route if you have a degree in another area besides teaching. The Leflore County School System is always looki...See More
    Dec 25, 2009 report post
  • Doug I am new on this site and actually came on to try and get info on becoming a teacher in MS. Even though I've been out of college for many years now, when I was in High School, fear was a great deterant. I came from a family of teachers. My gr...See More
    Dec 22, 2009 report post
  • Colin On 5/20/08, anonymous wrote: > This is the case in MANY schools in Mississippi. They need to > bring in the National Guard. > > > > I feel very sorry for you, I really do! Reading your post makes me realise The UK is not alo...See More
    Nov 27, 2009 report post
  • Ms. Swats Have you ever noticed that schools that have corporal punishment are more united schools? Interesting benefit. On 10/20/09, Miss Victoria wrote: > On 10/19/09, ms. swats wrote: >> >> All part of the fun of a well-rounded, Souther...See More
    Oct 21, 2009 report post
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