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hey this is Coach Tad. looking for teachers who teach or have taught 8th grade us history. Ive been teaching HS us history for close to 30 yrs. this junior high is a different animal. I and another coach got this shed. in aug. so we didn't know we were teaching this. in our state you know we have us hist. state test. so we have to align with our HS classes. central office said we need to chunk, use more technology, Canvas, align our assignments and our test with our standards. so I think were putting too much stuff in our plans. I do think less is more but the less has to be the right stuff. as a coach we spend time and money going to clinics, talking on the phone and driving to visit other staffs. here I am saying could use some good info on some solid lesson plans. were located in rankin co. school dist. thanks for your help [email removed]

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