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Start a new discussion... husband and I have been planning on relocating to NC for 13 years. when I went through my teacher training I did it all with NC in mind - I took my courses based upon NC requirements for certification. I took my Praxis in a neighboring state so I could meet NC requirements. Then we realized that it was beneficial for my husband to stay in his job until his retirement benefits were available. They are partially available this year and he was planning on just having that a "fall back on" - if he stays another 2.5 years he would have full benefits. I was in a position to retire in 4 years......until this past Friday! I was told by my principal that I MIGHT be cut back to 1/2 time. That would increase my contribution to health care exponentially, it would decrease my retirement criteria by 1/2 for this year (my retirement pay out is equal to my # of years as a percentage of my last 3 years salary average)

Am I getting the short end of the stick?? Yeah, I am. But....I am ...See More
4moreyears Couple thoughts:

- Juggling two careers can be tough. I'm sure staying put for him to finish 2.5 years -- and then have full benefits -- is the right choice. - Your principal said you MIGHT be cut down to 1/2 time. You know the saying, "Don't bleed 'til you're shot?" Make plans, but don't panic based upon "might". - If you are cut to 1/2 ...See More
Feb 11, 2018
If I had health problems, I would hardly be able to move somewhere. It's hard work.
Mar 21, 2021
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Mar 21, 2021

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