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Attention Teachers!

Do you want an opportunity to take part in research that could positively impact your students and your classroom? By participating in our short survey, you will be helping us collect data for a study investigating obstacles and feasibility of psychological recommendations. Because these scenarios may be similar to what you have seen in your classroom, your input is very valuable! Once you complete the survey, you will be eligible for a $25 gift certificate to reallygoodstuff.com. Please feel free to pass this along to your teacher friends and co-workers as we need as many responses as we can get! All responses are completely confidential and participation is optional. Thank you!

Jessica E. Emick, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor

Dannie S. Harris, M.A., M.A.Ed., Ed.S., Doctoral Student

Rebecca E. Norton, M.A., Doctoral Student

Athena Hubbard, M.A., Doctoral Student

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