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Hello everybody. I was nominated as a sub-para on 11/27 and took my assessment test on 12/9, but so far the NYC-DOE hasn't released any results yet. I am getting nervous. Someone out there has gotten any results from oral or written tests?

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explore first Took my assessment on Tuesday, December 26. I received an email today Thursday, December 28 in which it tells you, to have all required documents before scheduling your processing date. I've been getting all my documents together since the day I got nominated so, I schedule my processing for Sunday, January 7th.
Dec 28, 2017
M Explore first, we are going to the professing event on the same day! :) Good luck!
M Explore first, did you do the Blood Pathogen Training? I didn't but it is listed as one of the steps on the list.
explore first Hello M, I just saw your post. Congratulations to us we did it. It was a long drawn out process but, we got to the finish line. We should receive our email to pick up our Id's by Tuesday, January 16th and we can begin working the following day. Good luck with your new career path.
Jan 10
M I JUST GOT TODAY!!!!!!!! Tonight I am writing to my principal informing her that I already available! Best wishes to you as well! God bless!
Jan 10

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