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Each day when a teacher walks into a classroom, they face a wealth of uncertainties. Which students will show up? Will there be a fire drill? Will students be attentive and engaged, or aloof and disruptive? What new edicts will be sent down from the administration this week? Will I have time for lunch with all the grading I have due for sixth period? All important concerns, but increasingly, teachers must also question whether acts or threats of violence will impact their workday. This violence is an issue that many teachers have dealt with, that few other professions experience, and that the public should be made aware of.

I am a filmmaker in New York City searching for teachers to speak to about their experiences in classroom settings where violence was (or is) an active problem or a disturbing backdrop to their career. My father was a teacher and his experiences and those of many friends drive my interest in this subject. I am writing a film about a teacher who must confro...See More

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